Builder of high-speed
aluminium passenger ferries

We combine new and innovative technologies with traditional skills to bring fuel efficiency and speed to a new level, achieving the lowest possible lifetime cost.
Our vessels are designed and built to operate in some of the worlds harshest environments.


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Oma Baatbyggeri

Oma Baatbyggeri is a family owned company, which was founded in 1909.
Ola Oma travelled to America in 1901. After several years working as a boat builder in Duluth, he started his own company, the Oma Boat Company in Grays Harbor, near Seattle.

Eventually he sold the company in Grays Harbor and moved back to Norway where he established Oma Baatbyggeri in 1909.

Oma Baatbyggeri is a pioneer in the use of aluminium as a building material. Having gained more than half a century of experience with the use of aluminium, the company emerges today as a leader in the development, design and construction of lightweight, high-speed aluminium catamarans.


Oma Slipp & Mek. Verksted

Oma Slipp & Mek. Verksted was established as a subsidiary company in 1981, specialising in the repair and maintenance of crafts ranging in size up to 40 meters.
The yard operates two slipways; one indoor slipway enables year round work sheltered from the elements whilst one further outdoor slipway adds flexibility.

The company has a highly skilled multidiscipline team and executes maintenance, repair, modification and conversion projects to the fast ferry operators. A new and functional engine workshop was erected in 2007. This enables the company to offer a complete range of services including maintenance of large diesel engines.

Why aluminium?

Natural and sustainable
Aluminium is a natural and sustainable material. It can be recycled over and over again. Aluminium is the material of the future. A carbon fiber vessel in comparison is a future waste problem.
Aluminium is a fireproof material. This translates into extra safety for the passengers and the crew in the unlikely event of for instance an engine room fire. A carbon fiber hull by contrast is highly flammable.
Easy repair
Aluminium is a strong material, however in the event of an accident; it is a material that is straightforward to work with and to repair. Any type of hull and structural damage can be repaired with ease.
Low weight and high strength
Aluminium combines low weight with high strength, a perfect combination when designing reliable and fuel efficient high-speed catamarans.


We are continuously working on optimising our high speed ferries for sustainability, safety and reliability. Aluminium is the most environmentally friendly and flexible construction material for high speed ferries with the lowest lifetime cost.


Vacant positions will be listed here.

We are currently seeking personell in the following fields:

Aluminium welding, Pipework, Industry mechanics, Interior carpentry

We can offer interesting and varied tasks on competitive terms in a young and vibrant work environment.


Oma Baatbyggeri

No current vacancies.



Oma Slipp & Mek. Verksted

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