Oma Baatbyggeri has signed a contract with Norled for the conversion of M/S Lysefjord.

M/S Lysefjord was originally delivered from Oma Baatbyggeri in 2006 and will be rebuilt from diesel propulsion to fully electric operation. In this connection, the vessel will be equipped with Norled’s battery swap system SHIFTR.

The boat will operate route package 2 (RP2) in old Sogn og Fjordane and is based on the well-known combi catamaran concept from Oma Baatbyggeri, of which the company has built and delivered many, dating back to 2001. Following the conversion, the boat will have the capacity to transport a truck of 20 tonnes, alternatively 7 cars in combination with 70 passengers.

The all-electric propulsion system means that the boats will run with zero emissions of CO2.

The boat is built in seawater-resistant aluminium, a building material that is 100% recyclable. The strong but light construction material is optimal when building fastferries and copes well with an axle pressure of 10 tonnes on the stern deck. As the boat is light, it is equipped with ballast tanks to balance the weights when loading or unloading heavy vehicles.

In addition to the large car deck, the vessel has a crane and a cargo hold. The passenger capacity is 70 passengers, service speed is 23 knots and the length of the vessel is 33 metres.

By rebuilding an earlier vessel, the vessel can be reused and the lifetime of the vessel can be extended. This contributes to sustainable operation and significantly increased residual value for the vessel.

With this order, Oma Baatbyggeri ensures a good level of activity until the end of 2023.