M/S ``Årøy``

Boreal Transport Nord A/S

Type: Aluminium passenger and freight catamaran
Length o.a.: 33,0 meters
Beam o.a.: 10,6 meters
Tonnage: 250 GRT
Service speed: 25 knots
Passengers: 70

Combined catamaran MS Årøy, are Oma Baatbyggeris building 534. The express boat can seat 70 passengers in the lounge and 8-10 cars on deck, or 4 cars and a bus or semitrailer.
M/S Årøy goes as AltafjordXpressen and covers three connections from Mikkelsby: Rongsundstedene, Kongshus and Nyvoll/Korsfjord.
This is the largest express boat on the route for the county municipality, and with its combined design, the vessel can call expedition ships, combi boats with a driving bridge and ferry docks.

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