M/S ``Godøy``

Boreal Sjø A/S

Type: Aluminium passenger catamaran
Length o.a.: 34,6 meters
Beam o.a.: 10,6 meters
Tonnage: 420 GRT
Service speed: 34 knots
Passengers: 296

Building 537, M/S Godøy is a passenger catamaran that seats 296 passengers. This is the largest speedboat in the country when it comes to the number of seats on one deck.
The speedboat travels between Hareid, Ålesund and Valderøy in Møre og Romsdal, called Hareidruten.
In the press release from the boat building it is called: The environmental aspect is of great importance today, and Oma Baatbyggeri continually puts a lot of effort into developing speedboats with the least possible pollution and lowest power consumption.
With this boat, Oma Baatbyggeri has further improved its performance and, for M/S Godøy, achieved 10% lower power requirements than what was promised in the contract.
M/S Godøy can therefore rightly claim to be the most eco-friendly speedboat in Norway today measured in kW-hours per day passenger kilometers.

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